Sunday, April 22, 2012

Taurus 738 .380 TCP

I have owned my Taurus .380 for around two months now. I have ran about 300+ rounds through it and haven't had to many problems. A time or two while shooting the slide will jam open due to a casing failing to release, it doesn't cause any problems as I can just pull back the slide to fix it. Some of you want to know how many lbs of pressure for the trigger break the Taurus .380 has & my judgment would say around 5.5 lbs, but that isn't for certain. The TCP is VERY versatile and is made for complete concealment. I as a woman will have to say that I appreciate the size of this gun. It chambers the .380 ACP round. It's fairly cheap to shoot and the gun itself runs from about 200-350 depending on new or used & where you buy. The recoil is not bad at all, although I do recommend a grip sleeve if possible because of how slender this gun is, it makes it sometimes difficult for small hands to grip.

                                                                Here is a look.

I definitely recommend this gun to anyone wanting to carry & conceal. Especially women as we have small hands and sometimes like things "Pint sized" :)


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  2. It is a perfect concealed carry Gun in the market right now