Saturday, December 8, 2012

Open carry (going against an officer)

Okay, my video on youtube has caused quite the stir! Let me make myself clear when I say that I believe it is wrong in CERTAIN circumstances to go against an officer. The argument with others is that "The LEO is infringing on our rights when they stop and ask for identification because of open carrying!" Okay, I get that. Just because you don't make a scene, record it and post it to youtube.. it doesn't mean you're giving up you're rights. If you feel as though it is pure harassment, then by all means.. challenge the officer. My point is, that a lot of the time.. the officer is NOT trying to harass you. So chill out, and stop taking it to the extreme. I firmly believe in practicing my right to open carry.. but am I going to freak out and post it all over the internet to slander arresting officers? Hell no I won't.. when I see those videos I shake my head and think to myself what a shame it is. Don't misunderstand my viewpoint. If you don't use your right to carry a firearm then there is a good chance you and every other american can lose that right. SO USE IT, but don't make a fool of yourself.. only challenge when it's necessary.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

IRS to confinscate guns at will

So, I've been reading in the news about the IRS wanting to enforce some kind of law that states if you owe them a significant amount of money then they in turn have the ability to take away your personal right to bear arms.. which is our second amendment in the United States constitution. This worries me, because in all basic reality they can not remove this right from the average law abiding citizen. So, they have of course found loop holes in which they can limit the amount of people whom have the ability to own a firearm. Although in the constitution it states that taxpayers and citizens have this right.. and if you don't pay your taxes.. well that means you aren't a taxpayer. I still think that everyone should at least have the right to own one other than convicted criminals of course.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Magpul iPhone field case

The Magpul iPhone field case is made out of the same material as their gun magazines, so therefor they have to be durable. The size of the case is very slender, thin and houses my phone quite well. It has a great design and is very reasonable in prices ranging from $9.00-$15.00.. They have many different colors to choose from, mine being hot pink (posted above) in which I was worried the color wouldn't be as very likeable, but to my surprise I am in love with the shade. My husband has the same case but in the color "dark earth" he also, was very satisfied with the shade. I think it's awesome if you wanna rock Magpul out and about everyday.

Here is a link to Amazon where I bought mine.
The Smith & Wesson AR15 military and police edition in my opinion is definitely a "bang for your buck" product.  We're talking about the M4 model, milspec AR 15. I have owned this assault rifle for about a year now and have ran 5,000+ rounds of steel and brass casing through this gun, and have yet to have any problems.. not a single jam up. This rifle is durable and is greatly customizable. The barrel is 16 inches and chrome lined with a 1 in 9 twist. It houses a 5.56NATO/223 round. The weight is approximately 8 lbs with a trigger pull of 7lbs. With the butt stock extended it is 35 inches long, 32 inches collapsed. The recoil is manageable by all means, even for a small woman like myself. I definitely recommend this assault rifle to anyone that doesn't want to go broke buying a dependable gun.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Taurus 738 .380 TCP

I have owned my Taurus .380 for around two months now. I have ran about 300+ rounds through it and haven't had to many problems. A time or two while shooting the slide will jam open due to a casing failing to release, it doesn't cause any problems as I can just pull back the slide to fix it. Some of you want to know how many lbs of pressure for the trigger break the Taurus .380 has & my judgment would say around 5.5 lbs, but that isn't for certain. The TCP is VERY versatile and is made for complete concealment. I as a woman will have to say that I appreciate the size of this gun. It chambers the .380 ACP round. It's fairly cheap to shoot and the gun itself runs from about 200-350 depending on new or used & where you buy. The recoil is not bad at all, although I do recommend a grip sleeve if possible because of how slender this gun is, it makes it sometimes difficult for small hands to grip.

                                                                Here is a look.

I definitely recommend this gun to anyone wanting to carry & conceal. Especially women as we have small hands and sometimes like things "Pint sized" :)