Saturday, December 8, 2012

Open carry (going against an officer)

Okay, my video on youtube has caused quite the stir! Let me make myself clear when I say that I believe it is wrong in CERTAIN circumstances to go against an officer. The argument with others is that "The LEO is infringing on our rights when they stop and ask for identification because of open carrying!" Okay, I get that. Just because you don't make a scene, record it and post it to youtube.. it doesn't mean you're giving up you're rights. If you feel as though it is pure harassment, then by all means.. challenge the officer. My point is, that a lot of the time.. the officer is NOT trying to harass you. So chill out, and stop taking it to the extreme. I firmly believe in practicing my right to open carry.. but am I going to freak out and post it all over the internet to slander arresting officers? Hell no I won't.. when I see those videos I shake my head and think to myself what a shame it is. Don't misunderstand my viewpoint. If you don't use your right to carry a firearm then there is a good chance you and every other american can lose that right. SO USE IT, but don't make a fool of yourself.. only challenge when it's necessary.